______About THOKOZILE

THOKOZILE is a Zulu name meaning "Be Happy".
THOKOZILE is an online store stocking handmade items and carefully chosen products for you and your home.

It is our hope, that with all THOKOZILE items, you'll truly be delighted.

A mixture of South African and Japanese sensibilities,  

_____About isiShweshwe

The story of isiShweshwe is wide-ranging, and one that reflects on trade and cultural interchanges across continents. The original indigo-dyed fabric arrived in South Africa from India and Holland after the establishment of a sea port at the Cape in the mid-1600s. Garments made from the material were mostly worn by slaves, Khoisan, and Voortrekker women. Since then, isiShweshwe has become a rich part of South Africa's traditional heritage. Today, the fabric is worn every day and is made into beautiful outfits for traditional events such as weddings and initiation ceremonies.